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Fifteen years ago, when I was an old man and concerned about how many years might remain, I wrote a poem about the last days of King David.

The Shunamite

When David the King was old and empty of desire,

when he counted the years of his life

and divined the unused number of his days,

when he shivered in the cold of a lonely bed,

his armour- bearer brought

the little Shunamite.

She was small and flawless,

 gentle as a doe, graceful as a swan,

and the sweet perfume of Shunam’s flowers

swirled like mist around her.

She entered the old king’s bed;

Cheered him with her guileless kisses

warmed him with her tender body,

took away his loneliness..

She stayed wil him, night and day,

until his last hour came.

Busy servants of Hippocrates

will bring me potent potions

to dull the pain and fearsome workings of the mind.

I would rather smell the myriad flowers of Shunam.

When darkness finds my room,

J shall imagine a little Shunamite coming shyly to my bed

and her young body, white and pure, warming mine

as her honeyed kisses warm my wither lip.

I shall imagine a phantom love repelling

this last assault of loneliness.

For a little while.


© William Wardill, 2003


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