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 SPEARGRASS SPECIALTIES                                 


A majority of Speargrass Specialties books held at Eatonia are out of print . Books which are still available at discount prices are as follows:


1. As Instant as My Wish ($2.00),

2.A Gold Cuff Link and a Red Dress ($2.00),

3.A Cranky Columnist ($1.00),

6.A Place and a Tribe ($2.00),

9.Just a Make Believe Cowboy  ( $1.00),

10.Lampoons West ($1.00),

11.Memories and Inventions of a Prairie Poet ($1.00),

17.The Frog Lake Burials ($4;00),


There are also available at List Price An Englishman,s Daughter ($15.00) and Muskrat Ramble ($14.95)

Sand Castles is available in a digitized version from the University of Calgary, Laval University and the Saskatchewan Legislative Library.

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