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Titles we offer:

  • A Cranky Columnist
  • A Gold Cuff Link and a Red Dress
  • A Lonely Canaan
  • A Place and a Tribe
  • As Instant as My Wish
  • False Claims False Partner
  • It Wasn’t Murder
  • Just A Make Believe Cowboy
  • Lampoons West
  • Sand Castles
  • Skinning the Settlers
  • The Berndt Manuscripts
  • The Frog Lake Burials and Other Stories
  • The Spear Grass Scripts: Folio One
  • The Spear Grass Scripts: Folio Two
  • Cranky Columnist x2
  • The Chicken Coop Papers
  • An Englishman’s Daughter
  • Muskrat Ramble (published by Driver Works Ink)
  • History in Poetry, illustrated

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